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Door decals for Memory Care Facilities

Door decals show images of actual doors, produced to the size you need. Transform monotonous facility spaces into warm and welcoming care units. Help residents to recognize and find their own doors.

Disguised exit doors prevent wandering by ‘exit seeking’ residents in memory care. We have a Solution for you: Disguised Exit Doors

Custom designs based on your request. 

Disguised exit doors for Alzheimer’s patients

Adding images to exit doors can prevent exit seeking behavior for dementia patients in memory care facilities.

Individuals with dementia commonly want to wander and leave the facility that they’re living in. This is called exit seeking behavior. Experts estimate that approximately half of the dementia patients in care facilities will exhibit this type of behavior at some point. Wandering out of a facility is not only a safety concern, but also places stress on caregivers. Safeguards can be put in place to avoid this behavior.  In fact, one of the most popular techniques to assist dementia patients is utilizing environmental design in the living space.

Environmental design

Environmental design strategy addresses some of the common causes of unsafe wandering for dementia patients. Doors that typically lead to dangerous places in care facilities like kitchens, stairwells or even outside, can be camouflaged. Painted doorways often eliminate some of the exit seeking behavior. As a result, they help dementia patients to feel more secure. Utilizing decorative murals and new design touches can help dissuade dementia patients that are at a high risk of wandering.

Why resident wandering occurs

As humans, we tend to have a basic need for social contact. If we regularly experience environmental irritants, it’s possible that we may exhibit environmental and psychological distress. Not only by changing the environmental design, a dementia patient will feel much safer, but also will prevent the chance of unsafe wandering. In the same way, improving environmental design will minimize psychological distress. It is also less likely that people will walk into the wrong room. The result is more safety and privacy.

Our solution

Not only do we create designs for doors, but we also find a design that suits your facility’s environment.

Contact us today if you are interested in exit door design or environmental design.


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