Put your message where people can see it! Professionally designed signs are an efficient and durable way to keep your community informed. From Acrylic to Styrene, signs come in a variety of materials and shapes. Let us help you to choose a size and style that works best for your indoor or outdoor space. Get your signs noticed and connect with the right audience. Collaborate with us to create a lasting story to enhance your space. Not sure what product to choose? Print Decor offers a variety of materials. Call us for more information.

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stunning look

Acrylic Signs 

Display your logo or brand at your store or office using our acrylic signs. They are made from a colorless cast polymer that is transparent and durable. We offer different print options. Acrylic signs are 100% customizable and a great option for indoor uses. Used as a reception sign or in an office area, acrylic signs direct your clients, customers, and visitors.


affordable and durable

Coroplast Signs

Draw attention by installing Coroplast signs! Install them along roadsides, in your front yard, or at a shopping mall, they will attract your customers! This corrugated plastic board is incredibly popular when it comes to short-term signage. They are commonly used for commercial or political signs. Exceptionally light in weight, and affordable.


superior solution

Dibond Signs

Are you looking for a sign that stands out from all the rest? Our Dibond signs are the best choice then! They are made from an aluminum composite material, that is also best known for its outdoor use and resistance to the elements. It will keep its shape and integrity without being altered by the weather. It has a premium, smooth surface and can be printed on both sides. Dibond has been the superior solution for more than 20 years.


economical strong

E-Panel Signs

E-Panel is an aluminum composite panel used for interior and exterior display and signage applications. The aluminum material is thin but strong and cuts very cleanly. E-Panels are suitable for digital and screen printing and provide excellent durability in outdoor applications. If you need a very economically priced custom sign that is durable outdoors, we have got you covered!


informative displays

Foam Board

Add visual interest to store windows, offices, or event booths by using our popular foam boards. With a lifespan of around two years, they are more substantial than average posters and are still noticeably light in weight. They are easy to set up and take down in seconds. Foam boards are made of styrene foam with a paper face on both sides. Ideal for event signage and presentation graphics.


Exterior or interior

Sintra Board

Sintra Signs are a great option for every business that wants to make a unique impression! If you are looking to bring more customers to your door, invest in Sintra Signs, made from a lightweight, scratch-resistant, and moisture-resistant PVC material. They are perfect for photo-quality graphics, making them highly popular for any kind of advertising. Sintra PVC boards can be cut into different shapes and sizes. Overall, Sintra board is an ideal material for indoor and outdoor signs.


flexible and lightweight

Styrene Sheets

Styrene sheets come in standard shapes or can be custom cut into different shapes and sizes. Made from a flat plastic, they are resistant to weather and scratches. One of the big advantages of Styrene is their flexibility. They can be rolled up, tubed, and transported, which is helpful for traveling trade shows or businesses. They are ideal for retail signage, trade shows and restaurant displays.

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