Advertise, celebrate, or announce with our vinyl banners. At Print Decor we have the best selection of garage door, fence, and balcony banners. Not only can they be used to freshen up your home, but they are also a unique advertising opportunity for small businesses, such as the real estate and construction industry. Whether you promote your company’s services while work is being completed on site or increase the visibility of your sales objects, we have a wide range of banners to suit your unique style and needs.

All banners are made to order. Production time is 5-7 business days. Can’t find a design you like? Contact us! We custom design. All our banners are designed, printed, and made in Canada!

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Garage Door Banner

You already take great pride in the entrance way to your home and the touches that make up your property, adding new decor or a large banner item for your home during holidays can really personalize your home. We can help you transform an area of your home that is commonly overlooked throughout the holidays. With garage door banners on the rise, you can completely transform the look of your garage with an easy to hang, weatherproof covering. These items can be strung up quickly, without damaging your garage door.


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Fence Banners

Who doesn’t love colours? Who doesn’t love colourful environments? Almost everyone does. From kids to adults! People pay keen attention to subtle details like the colours of their houses, cars, and even the clothes they put on. It is the little details that make the big, interesting differences. Such as little details, like the brighter hue of a banner spread on your fence. There is only one destination to visit if you need a fence banner to brighten your old fence or to make your new fence stand out. Choose from a great variety of pre-designed banners or submit your own design.


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Balcony Banners

We can help you accentuate your home with an incredibly vibrant banner for your balcony. As balconies are often an underutilized touch for your decor, using some of that extra space for a vibrant message can create an impactful look for a gathering or for a special time of year. Our company can help you transform your balcony throughout the holidays, or during a special occasion. The banners can be strung up quickly and they are designed to last for multiple seasons. Another great benefit you get from those beautiful banners: more privacy on your own balcony.

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Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Advertising Opportunity on Garage Doors.

New and unique advertising opportunity on Garage Doors for the real estate industry. Take your exposure to the next level! Our premium high-quality vinyl banner will increase the visibility of your sales objects and is long lasting for many listings. It is easy to install in a few minutes and will not damage the garage door. And the Best Thing is: The garage door still opens and closes as normal. The perfect solution for all Real Estate Agents. Watch the video for more detailed information!

Construction and Trades

Advertising opportunity for Construction and Trades – Portable, affordable and long lasting.

The Custom Garage Door Decor will promote your company’s services while work is being completed on site. Enhance your visibility and get noticed within the neighbourhood! It is easy to install in a few minutes and will not damage the garage door. No restrictions to open or close the garage door! For any type of business in Construction and Trades! Learn more about this great opportunity…


Banners are available up to 16 ft. wide and 150 ft. long in one piece!

Firstly, we have vinyl banners. Secondly, we also have mesh banners. And thirdly, you can get fabric banners. In conclusion, we have banners for every occasion and every industry. Get your personal customized banner today! Overall, we have the best banner selection in Canada. Together we can manage every banner project. Garage door banners for Christmas.


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