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Garage Door Decor

by Xentas Inc. Print Decor

We have the best selection of Garage Door Decor! Cover your entire garage door with a beautiful garage door banner.

We designed our garage door decor for use on garage doors. With the installed banner in place, the garage door will still open and close as normal. The hardware installs without screws, nails or tape, so it won’t leave permanent marks on your garage door. No damage to your garage door!

Designed, Printed & Made in Canada

We can help you accentuate your home with an incredibly vibrant banner for your balcony. As balconies are often an underutilized touch for your decor, using some of that extra space for a vibrant message can create an impactful look for a gathering or for a special time of year. Our company can help you transform your balcony throughout the holidays, or during a special occasion. The banners can be strung up quickly and they are designed to last for multiple seasons.

Who doesn’t love colors? Who doesn’t love colorful environments? Almost everyone does. From kids to adults and therefore people pay keen attention to subtle details like the colors of their houses, cars and even the clothes they put on. Interestingly it is the little details that make the big difference. Little details like the brighter hue of a banner spread on your fence. There is only one destination to visit if you need a fence banner to brighten your old fence or to make your new fence stand out. 

As you already take great pride in the entrance way to your home and the touches that make up your property, adding new decor touches or a large banner item for your home during the festive season can help you to really ask in your home to the fullest. We can help you transform an area of your home that commonly overlooked throughout the holidays. With the rise door banners you could completely transform the look of your garage with an easy to hang in weatherproof covering. These items can be strung up quickly, without damaging your garage door

Spice up your Exterior with our Garage Door Decor. Perfect for any Season or Occasion.

Weatherproof, Stylish and Perfect for any Season or Occasion

You take great pride in your home, from landscaping to paint colors, and even the front door, which is your warm and inviting entryway for family and friends. So, every detail represents your unique personality and style. Why not spice up your garage door? If you are bored with your current garage door and you’re unsure what to do, you have come to the right place! Xentas Inc. Print Decor can help you transform your garage door to make it PRETTY and FUN by giving it a fresh new look! Christmas, Halloween, Canada Day, Remembrance Day, Birthday or Wedding Announcement – the possibilities are truly endless! The best thing about our garage door decor is, you can switch them out as often as you like. Get one for each season and match them with your other outdoor seasonal decorations. Express yourself to give your neighbors something unique to talk about!

Featured Products

Sports & Recreation

July - Canada Day

June - Father's Day

Design Categories

Canada Together United

Single Garage Door Banner

banner 8 x 7 ft. and hardware


starts at CAD 299

Balcony Banner

banner with hem and grommets


starts at CAD 27

Fence Banner

banner with hem and grommets


starts at CAD 112.50

Your preferred design doesn’t show the right size? Please contact us and we will make it happen! Custom designs available; fees may apply.

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