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Violin Lessons Lawn Sign

Our Music Lessons lawn signs are available in different designs. You can pick one from our pre-designed signs or contact us for a custom design.

12″x18″ Coroplast sign with step stakes

Designed, Printed & Made in Canada


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Violin Lessons Lawn Sign

Our Violin Lessons Lawn Sign are available in different designs. You can pick one from our pre-designed signs or contact us for a custom design.

Xentas Inc. Print Decor – Weatherproof, Stylish and Perfect for any Season or Occasion

Our lawn signs are printed to last—weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use. More sizes and designs available upon request.

Printed with modern UV technology which ensures that colors don’t fade even after prolonged use.

More info about Coroplast signs:

Corrugated plastic sheet usually comprises what appear to be three layers - two flat sheets with a ribbed center layer. In fact, they are really two layers, often referred to as twinwall plastic. Corrugated plastic can also mean sheets of plastic which are wave-like in profile and may be reinforced with chopped glass fiber. They are a single layer and used mainly for roofing of garages and outhouses, but gardeners also use them to build sheds. Here we will focus on the twinwall version, also known as a corrugated plastic board or fluted plastic board.

How Corrugated Plastic Sheets Are Made

The materials used include polypropylene and polyethylene, widely used and versatile thermoplastics. Polypropylene has a neutral ph and is resistant to many chemicals at normal temperatures, but can be dosed with additives to provide a variety of other resistance such as UV, anti-static and fire resistance, for example. Polycarbonate is also used, but this is a much less versatile material, particularly in respect of its relatively poor impact resistance and brittleness, although it is stiffer. PVC and PET are also used. In the basic manufacturing process, the sheet is extruded; that is the molten plastic is pumped (typically with a screw mechanism) through a die that provides the profile. Dies are typical 1 - 3 meters wide, delivering a product of thickness up to 25 mm. Mono- and co-extrusion techniques are used depending on the precise profile required.

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