Disguised Exit Doors for Alzheimer’s Patients


Disguised exit doors prevent wandering by ‘exit seeking’ residents in memory care.

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Disguised exit doors for Alzheimer’s patients:

Adding door images can prevent exit seeking behaviour for dementia patients in memory care facilities.

Individuals with dementia commonly want to wander and leave the facility that they’re living in, commonly called exit seeking behaviour. Many experts estimate that approximately half of the dementia patients in care facilities will exhibit this type of behaviour at some point. Wandering out of a facility is not only a safety concern, it also places stress on caregivers. To prevent wandering out of the facility, there are safeguards that can  be done to avoid this behaviour.

One of the most popular techniques to assist dementia patients is utilizing environmental design in the living space.

Environmental design:

Environmental design strategy addresses some of the common causes of unsafe wandering for dementia patients. By using this design principle, it’s possible to camouflage doors that would typically lead to a dangerous place in a facility like a kitchen, stairwell or even outside. Painting doorways similar to the walls and masking the trim in the wallpaper to create a decorative mural can often eliminate some of the exit seeking behaviour and help dementia patients to feel more secure.

Adding a secure entry can also be an excellent way to ensure that only staff can access staff areas. Utilizing decorative murals and new design touches can help dissuade dementia patients that are at a high risk of wandering.

Why resident wandering occurs:

As humans, we tend to have a basic need for social contact, and if we regularly experience environmental irritants, it’s also possible that we may exhibit environmental and psychological distress. By changing the environmental design, it can help to make a dementia patient feel much safer and prevent the chance of unsafe wandering.

Improving environmental design will minimize psychological distress. With a new environmental design, one can work on addressing unsafe wandering and make sure that a dementia patient’s needs are met.

Our solution:

Disguised exit doors are printed with custom designs that suit the facility’s environment. Xentas manufactures and installs custom mural solutions. Each custom design is made to meet each facility’s requirements.

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